A well known musician, who has also gained his publicity by being the chief executive officer as well as the president of knit wear brand for women which has been inspired by vintage in the Los Angeles, is known to common people as Jimmy Sommers. The brand of knit wear which he runs is known as Jimmy Sommers Wildfox.

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Jimmy Sommers is considered to be one of the hottest names in list of world’s smooth jazz circuit. The most fantasizing work of Jimmy Sommers is in the form of music ventures with other re known musicians of world. Jimmy Sommers released his first album in 1999. The album was named as James Café. With the release of this album, Sommers was able to get a position in top 20 new adult contemporary singles with title track.

Jimmy Sommers is now known to world as Jazz Saxophonist. He told in one of his earlier interviews that his love for instruments began when he was only in grade school. Jimmy Sommers was able to release six albums in total during his time as a musician. All of the albums were highly selling. It can be said that He has written a history as legend in the world of music. After his success in musical career, Jimmy Sommers had plans to amaze his fans out in the world. He started entrepreneurship. His businesses started as ventures and then sole proprietorship. He founded Jimmy Sommers Wildfox brand in 2007. With the advent of this brand and until now Jimmy Sommers is known to world as one of the most successful entrepreneur.

The music albums which Sommers produces in music venture include Sunset collective. This is one of the albums in which Jimmy Sommers can be seen with people of different music background and experiences. This person also owns a Hollywod Hotspot Koi La.


Jimmy Sommers wildfox was developed in 2007 as an official brand. It is famous for its campaigns, fabric, clothes that tell the stories and superior quality of clothes. Jimmy Sommers wildfox provide with a wide variety of tops, skirts, dresses, attires, chiffon, sequins, velour, laces, soft knitted sweaters and bottoms. The brand has achieved a lot more in just a small amount of time. Wildfox kids, another brand was announced by the CEO in early 2009.


The brand of Jimmy Sommers wildfox is developing day by day and now it has achieved to provide the customers with all kind of swims, denims and sun accessories. The items of brands can be easily found in many boutiques and markets. Official website of Jimmy Sommers Wildfox gives the customer an opportunity to buy all kind of items of brand online. More than 30 countries sell the product of Wildfox.


About Jimmy Sommers

If ever there was a man who could testify to the power of creating, sharing and enjoying music, its smooth and soulful saxophonist Jimmy Sommers. His infectious alto sax playing has proven time and again to be a sound at once dramatic, spirited and funky, yet seductive and unabashedly romantic.
Jimmy Sommers’ debut album, James Café, introduced him as a strikingly fresh presence in the NAC arena. Its 2001 follow-up, the self-produced 360 Urban Groove, took things to another level by featuring his masterful cover of Boz Scaggs’ classic “Lowdown,” which went all the way to #2 on Radio & Records’ Smooth Jazz Chart (“I saved my #1 charter for the new album,” Jimmy quips). Now, just in time for the summer of 2003, Sommers presents his most scorching yet intoxicating collection to date, Lovelife, slated for release August 5 on his own Gemini Records imprint via Higher Octave/EMD.


“The concept, if you want to call it that, is simple,” Sommers states. “I love music…and I love life!”

Simplicity is a beautiful thing in the hands of a performing natural like Jimmy. It means that you stick to and improve upon formulas that are true to your heart and good for the souls of the masses. For Sommers, that means serving up funky-fun dance grooves and sensually romantic ballads in well-balanced proportion, then spicing the result with special guests/friends from both the R&B and smooth jazz worlds. In the past, those guests have ranged from Norman Brown and Les Nubians to Raphael Saadiq, Ginuwine and Eric Bene’t.


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Jimmy Sommers Biography

Jimmy Sommers Wildfox
Jimmy Sommers Time Stands Still

On his first album, James Cafe, smooth jazz saxman Jimmy Sommers was able to score a Top 20 NAC (New Adult Contemporary) single with the title track.

The Mt. Prospect, IL, native first picked the alto saxophone in the fourth grade when on “instrument day” he chose the sax, even though he didn’t know what it was. His first recording was as a featured soloist with the MacArthur Junior High School jazz band. As a teen, he would use fake IDs to sneak into nearby Chicago nightclubs such as Kingston Mines to jam with blues musicians. Attending on a music performance scholarship at Southern Illinois University, Sommers began leading his own band. He was invited to play the “Star Spangled Banner” at center court for a Chicago Bulls game. During Atlanta’s 1996 Olympic summer games, Sommers performed for the athletes in the Olympic Village. Sommers completed his industrial engineering degree at Southern Illinois University a semester early so he could get to Los Angeles and pursue his dream that much faster.

In L.A., he played on remix sessions for the likes of Chaka Khan, George Clinton, Boyz II Men, 2Pac,DJ Quik, Wyclef Jean, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. To make ends meet, Sommers started moonlighting in modeling, appearing on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel and landing a small role on the CBS network soap opera The Young and the Restless playing the character Marcus.

A brief return to Chicago found Sommers at the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency producing commercials for big-name clients like Disney and Miller Lite. Being responsible for the visuals and the music for those spots, as well as getting things in on deadline and on budget, inspired Sommers to apply the same discipline to his music. His music remained a priority, culminating in him flying to the South of France and Asia to lead a band that included drummer Mel Gaynor from English rock bandSimple Minds, bassist Deon Estus from George Michael‘s band, and pianist Kenny Moore from Tina Turner‘s band. The band had dates around Europe including a performance for Princess Stephanie.

True to Myself

Frustrated with the A&R people at the major labels,Sommers used his own money to start up his own record label, Gemini Records. He wanted the sound and vibe of his first CD to be a combination of ’70s soul and ’90s production sheen. After being impressed with the solo debut of Eric Benet, True to Myself, and meeting him backstage after a concert, Sommers made the trek from Chicago to Milwaukee to talk to Benet and his cousin/producer George Nash Jr. about working with him on his premier release. Convincing the pair to work on spec, Sommers began work on his first album.

360 Urban Groove

After the release of the CD James Cafe, Sommers was invited to a Christmas party at the Malibu mansion of hair-care magnate John Paul DeJoria and found himself sitting next to rocker Rod Stewart at the bar. During the party,Sommers jammed with Stewart on a few tunes. A couple of weeks later, Sommers was asked to attend a meeting with DeJoria. DeJoria bought 150,000 copies of a sampler CD that included tracks from James Cafe that were put into gift sets of DeJoria’s Paul Mitchell shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. The “Sommers Treat” package was sold at 81,000 salons worldwide. A short time later, Sommers was able to secure a distribution deal with Universal Music. In 2001 he followed up with 360 Urban Groove, which was released by Higher Octave.