Leonardo Dicaprio, through his foundation, donated $2 Million to Ocean %, an international funder’s collaborative. This is in order to stop set up marine reserves and stop over fishing in the five oceans of the world.

The funds will be used in projects creating vast protected zones in the Artic and Pacific Islands while enhancing also fisheries enforcement in Central America, the United States, and Europe. The contribution of Leonardo Dicaprio advanced efforts to protect Antarctica, created a vast marine monument in remote Pacific waters of the USA, and supported the protection of threatened shark populations.


Leonardo Dicaprio said that, with the funds, they are making more impactful, smarter investments for the future of our planet. He is supporting the projects of Ocean 5 because they are improving directly ocean health by creating marine reserves and stopping over fishing.

Kristian Parker, the chairman of the Geneva-based Oak Foundation, said that the foundation of Leonardo Dicaprio is a valued partner of Ocean 5 and the personal commitment of the actor is phenomenal since he brings enormous enthusiasm and energy to the work of the foundation for the oceans.

According to the chairman and founder of the California-based Waitt Foundation, Ted Waitt, Dicaprio and his foundation are bringing a strategic attention to helping coastal communities protect biodiversity. The funds will help in the development of future initiatives and will support directly local organizations working to strengthen controls on illegal fishing and to create marine reserves. The Dicaprio’s fund supported also a group of 6 organizations working successfully to secure new global trade restrictions for endangered sharks and an international group of organizations seeking to create largest protected zones of the world in the waters around Antarctica.


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