Leonardo Dicaprio said that about 250 million years ago, a cataclysmic extinction event extinguished life from our planet and this event could happen again. The celebrity was saying this in a documentary of four series about climate change directed by the director of the 11th Hour film, Leila Conners.

The actor said that a man ade climate change could extinct almost all life on our planet. The documentary talks about the Permian Mass Extinction that took place 250 million years ago and 95% of all life on the earth were wiped out by an extinction event. According to scientists featuring in the film, the cause of this extinction was a fast global warming.


The documentary states that the planet is about to face the same situation once again due to the addiction of modern societies to burning fossil fuels that release big amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. During the Permian, these grasses released by volcanic eruptions warmed the oceans and led to the release of methane that triggered global warming.

Dr. Michael Benton of the University of Bristol said that no matter the origin of carbon dioxide, whether from a volcano or from human activity, the end effect is the same for the atmosphere. Leonardo Dicaprio says that in order to end this process, the world community must work together, step forward, and take decisive action. For responding to climate change, Dicaprio call for the largest movement in human history since it can mean the survival of mankind.


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