This year will see the talented Rebecca Gibney in a new murder mystery drama named Winter. In 2014, the actress played the role of a cop in the TV movie, The Killing Field. For this New Year, the celebrity will be back on Australian TV screens as Detective Sergeant Eve Winter in the new show of channel Seven, Winter


The series is based around the mysterious separate murders of 2 young women with similar tattoos on the same night. The fifty years old actress reprised her character, alongside Aussie actor Peter O’Brien, who comes back also from the TV film in his role as Inspector Lachlan McKenzie, the love interest and former boss of detective Eve. Chloe Boreham and Liam McIntyre rejoin also the cast in addition of a new face, Matt Nable.

The New Zealand born actress is leading the case in this trailer portraying a very sinister and dark show with a slow eerie song playing underneath. Gun point, chase downs, heated arguments, and crime scenes fill the film. Winter is now among the most highly anticipated shows of Channel Seven for this New Year.

This is the first time for Rebecca Gibney to come back to an Australian TV series since the unbelievable successful drama-comedy named Packed To The rafters. In this drama, the actress the role of Julie Rafter, the mother made her appearance in all 122 episodes of the film during the five years of its running.

Rebecca Gibney was nominated also for Most Popular Actress at the Australian Logie Awards in all five seasons and she won twice the prize including winning the Gold Logie award in 2009.


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