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Leonardo Dicaprio is known as being picky with his roles but he does pick those roles very well. The actor rejected popular role as Robin in Batman Forever but played darker and grittier roles such as his appearances in Basketball Diaries and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He gained his status of superstar when he played the role of Jack Dawson in the Titanic of James Cameron which also starred Kate Winslet. He worked with her ten years later in Revolutionary Road of Sam Mendes.

Other fans started appreciating the role of the mature Leonardo Dicaprio as he hits his forties. He played great roles in numerous movies but among them, there are five best Dicaprio movies of recent times on satellite TV. In the Aviator, Martin Scorsese describes a strong picture of old Hollywood about testing new planes and starting airlines. This HD picture is still winning new fans on TV.

In Blood Diamond, Leonardo Dicaprio embraces the dark side in a big way. While looking for priceless diamonds in war-torn sections of Africa, Leo must face the realities of what his business is doing to people.

The cast of the movie The Departed will excite any film fan. Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson are all present in this movie and it is difficult to say who has the better performance since the movie ends with the doppelgangers Dicaprio and Damon.

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In the Revolutionary Road, Dicaprio and Kate Winslet provide interesting subplots and enough drama to keep the action moving. When Mark Ruffalo and Dicaprio hit Shutter Island, a mere police procedural picture becomes more interesting.


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