Salma Hayek: Goddess of Beauty

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Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!! Salma Hayek, arguably the most beautiful Actress of Hollywood Film arena, still makes her fan bleeding from heart even at 48! This lustrous Actress was born September 2nd1966 in Mexico. She began her career in Mexico in late 80s but moved to Hollywood in 1991, after which she got the track to move towards glory!

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     Salma Hayek played “Carolina” in “Desperado” opposite Antonio Banderas released at 1995, gave her the Stardom worldwide. She then reigned in Hollywood for the films like “From Dusk to Dawn”;“Dogma”; “Wild Wild West”;  ”Frida”; “Grown Ups”; “Grown Ups2” and many more. She has acted in television serials too. She became very popular for her “Ugly betty” (telecast in ABC Television) and for the comedy series “30Rock” shown in NBC television from 2009 to 2013.

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  Salma Hayek’smuch-admiredcharacter hails from her portrayal of Frida Kahlo in the film “Frida” released in 2002. She was nominated for an Oscar that year for her commanding performance in “Frida”. Moreover she has started her journey as a producer with this film and named her production house “Ventanarosa”.She has produced a significant number of films and television serials under the banner of her own production house.

 On 9th March, 2007,SalmaHayek engrained her engagement to french businesstycoonFrancois-Henri Pinault along with her pregnancy. Later Salma gave birth to Valentina Paloma Pinault, only daughter of this pair, in 2007. Meanwhile 18th July 2008, bothpronounced the end of their engagement. But again reunited and got married on 14th February 2009 in Paris.


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