Rebecca Gibney: A struggler’s run towards Glory

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Sometimes we get envious on others’ success; we talk foolish, pass comments behind to humiliate, but we never think glories are not set in a day; there are emotions, pains, stiffness involved in the process. A successful person builds with toughness; they gain their strength from nature, absorb it and at last a vigorous sparkle comes out as end result. Yes, I am talking about Rebecca Gibney, an Australian film and TV actress, born 14th December 1964 in New Zealand. Her full name is Rebecca Catherin Gibney. She started her acting career in mid 80s of last century.

This broad-eyed Australian celebrity got Gold Logie Award for her role in Packed to the Rafters in 2010.She has many more films which added extra feathers to her career skirt, films like Salem’s Lot (2004); Clubland (2007);I live with me Dad (1985); Lost and Found (2006); The map reader (2008); I am you (2009); Mental (2012) all proved so prolific for her career.

Rebecca Gibney also has a significant television career too, she acted many series for New Zealand and Australian television from early 80s to till date. Her popular tele drama includes Sea Urchins; Zoo Family; The Flying Doctors; Small claims etc.

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Rebecca Gibney Published a book this year “Foreword by Rebecca Gibney” which is penned by her own sister Stella Gibney. This is an auto biography which tells about the sufferings and pains of Rebecca Gibney’s traumatic childhood along with her upbringing towards success. This 50 years old lustrous Actress married twice in her life, first time with Irwin Thomas in 1992 later got divorced & second time in 2001 to Richard Bell a veteran production designer.


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