Hugh Jackman a Journey from Journalism to Acting


A six feet two inch journalism graduate started the career as an actor?? Sounds interesting! Yes it’s true. Talking about Mr. Hugh Michael  Jackman commonly known as Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor famous for his glorious turn around in the early days. He was born on 12th October 1968 in Sydney Australia. He puts his shoes off to acting, music even in anchoring!!! But this fresh University graduate wanted to become a freelancer while his rhymester mind tempted him to join drama school Actor’s Centre in Sydney where he took one year course in acting. He started his professional career with a mellow drama “Correlli” co-starring Deborra-Lee Furness with whom he got married later.

After wards Jackman went Melbourne, taking a “U” turn for his career,played Sunset Boulevard, Gaston along with his musical epic Summa Cabaret in 1998. Same year Oklahoma! Was staged, a trigger button of the success gun for Jackman who later got Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical for Oklahoma! This musical drama made Jackman famous outside Australia for the first time. His identical works include X Men; Kate & Leopold; Swordfish; Van Helsing;The Prestige; Red Steel; Prisoners and many more later on in his career.


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